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31. Rectification


Well, the repairs worked fine. I took the bracket round the corner to Peter Crownshaw, whose workshop includes all the tools needed for metal working. Peter’s a sort of sculptor in metal, and was working on an ENORMOUS consul table based on an art nouveau design. A dealer in Paris has ordered no less than four of them.

Peter lent me his oxy-acetylene torch and in no time at all the offending joint came apart. It was relatively simple to clean up the pieces and rebraze, making VERY sure they were the right way round!

Once I had the brazing torch on the go, I attached all the little clips to the leading and trailing edge tubes, and made the dolorous discovery that we didn’t have enough tubes to complete the job. I’d ordered enough total length of tube, but of course it comes in maximum lengths of 8ft, and the offcuts couldn’t be joined together to make the remaining pieces. So I had to order more tubes…

Another tedious job was to go through the list of bolts needed. I’d used the information from the parts list, which had been so astonishingly accurate, but found that they’d generally specified the overall length, whereas we needed to specify the grip length (the length of the unthreaded shank), and ended up more or less going through every bolt on the aircraft and revising the specification.

One consequence of this was the need to order a whole lot more bolts…

I also chased up the supply of hinge bolts from France; it’s been very difficult to find exactly what we need for the aileron hinges, but I think these will do the job.


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