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36. Completion


.. well, completion to date, at any rate!

Friday would be our last full day of working, and we set ourselves an ambitious target; to glue up the tailplane ribs, the centre section, and the second wing. The first two were relatively straightforward, being so small, and the second wing took – as before – a good bit of preparation. In the end, we finished the day at about 2100 (as on most other days this week) with all the glue joints sat in the workshop setting.

Saturday was the big unveiling, and – along with a massive tidy-up – we laid all the bits out on the lawn to admire our own handywork and take stock of what we’d achieved.

Here are the pictures.

Theo contemplates the week’s hard work.

David tries the ‘cockpit’ out for size

A selection of completed metal parts waiting for the fuselage to be built

The tail surfaces complete

Top wing joint. It’s nice to know that the two wings do actually fit onto the centre section!

The aileron cable pulley is fitted to the front spar and takes the cables that lead from the joystick to the ailerons on the end of the wings. The ailerons are next on the list for building!


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