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38. Demonstration


The supplier of most of our timber has been Dudley Pattison, proprietor of theaptly-named Swindon Aircraft Timber Company and very good stuff it is too. Dudley had been asked to organise the home-builder’s stand at the Light Aircraft Association Rally (LAA) at Sywell Aerodrome from 31 Aug – 2 Sep, and Duds had asked Theo if we’d be interested in bringing some bits along. The LAA is of course the organisation that will issue our Permit to Fly when we’re done… we hope!

We were happy to do this; I was quite content, since I would be in the US on business, so the entire workload would fall on Theo! But Theo was quite happy to do it, and turned up on the Thursday with the rudder and wing centre section, and display equipment borrowed from the British Microlight Aircraft Association, of which we’re both members.

I’d suggested that we use a 1915 drawing of the rudder so that people could compare it to the real thing, but Theo decided to use the GA drawings produced by Stan Teachman, and they were a much better idea. There was lots of interest, and we had a great time. I turned up on the Sunday after I’d recovered somewhat from jetlag, and dismantled the display.

And I’m really sorry that I didn’t get a picture of it before we took it to pieces!

This was partly because of the excitement looming for the second half of Sunday, for which you’ll need to read the next entry…


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