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13 Dec 1913. Saturday.


Frank drew no less than four sketches today, even though it was a Saturday.

Sketch 502 is a side and top view of the whole fuselage, again presumably so that the shop can get on with laying it out on the workshop floor at an early stage.

502 Fuselage side view 13 XII 13

Once again, the weights have all been precisely calculated – 52 1/2lb for the fuselage, with the centre of gravity 1.550m from the front. Actually, since he hadn’t yet drawn up all the details, there’s no way he would have calculated this from first principles; he would have looked at information from other similar designs and made some adjustments to come to a first approximation.

On 502 there are other references. GO2346 was presumably the works order number against which the job was charged. S/N 183 was the airframe serial. It had originally been allocated to the part-completed SB5, and continued to be used for the Scout until it was more or less complete. There are also references to drawing no. XD710 (clearly the XD sequence was allocated to the X Department), and also to drawing no.7336. I’m not sure what that drawing that refers to – we’ve no records of anything like that. These sketches would have been given to Clifford Tinson to make into a proper manufacturing number, and the reference to it added afterwards.

And comparing it with later drawings, we can see a number of differences. Although the overall length and depth is the same, they added another frame for the Scout C, and adjusted the positions of most of the existing frames to ensure the spacing was still even. But the sizes and types of timber remained unchanged, although the 12swg bracing wiring at the front was altered to cable later on.

Sketch 503 is the back engine plate, fitted at frame B. Once again, this would have required expensive tooling, so it’s no surprise to find it pretty much unaltered throughout the life of the Scout.

503 Back Engine Plate 13 XII 13

Sketches 504 and 505 are the sternpost, right at the back of the aircraft.

504 Stern Post Assembly 13 XII 13

505 Stern Post detail 13 XII 13

Once again, this was virtually unchanged on the Scout C, although on later models, they seem to have had a significant redesign. As far as we know, none of the drawings referred to on these sketches – XD712, XD505, etc., have survived.

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