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16 Dec 1913. Tuesday


There were no more drawings produced over the weekend, but the next three drawings (506, 507 & 508) were models of the wing spars for load testing and are signed CWT, or Clifford Tinson, the draughtsman. They are half size, and he’s modelled the rear spar which is the longest. 507 shows the setup for testing, but is frustratingly elusive on exactly how and where they applied the loads. It would have been very interesting to see how well they understood the load distribution on wings at this stage.

506 Rear Wing Spar Model for testing 16-12-13 507 Rear Wing Spar Model setup 16-12-13 508 Front Wing Spar Model 16-12-13

You can also see on 506 that Frank had decided to make the tops and bottoms of the spars follow the shape of the wing ribs, something that would cause us considerable grief 97 years later!

Presumably Frank had the Monday and Tuesday off, or was busy overseeing the tooling of the engine mounts at Brislington, or something.

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