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17 Dec 1913. Wednesday.


By the Wednesday, Frank was back at Fairlawn Avenue. Drawing 509 was a half size model of the wing struts (also called stanchions) – presumably for use with the spar models drawn up by Clifford the day before.

509 Model of Wing Struts 17 XII 13

Drawing 510 is for the empennage – what we would call the tailplane today – and is something that was considerably altered when they came to the production version – and not, in my opinion, for the better. Although the overall outline is the same, the crosstube of in (25mm) steel was changed in the production versions to an oversize wood spar, and the elevator hinges drawn here by Barnwell, while still not as simple as they could have been, are a great deal better than the production ones which are a bit of a nightmare to manufacture, frankly!

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