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86. Motivation


So far, I haven’t told you how we are to get an engine for the Scout, but I think it’s time to explain.

Rotary engines don’t grow on trees, and trying to buy one is an exercise fraught with danger; they come on the market very infrequently, when they do, you’ve no idea where they’ve come from, or what service they’ve seen, and there are so few about establishing a sensible price is almost impossible.

In addition, many are held by museums and collectors, who aren’t interested in selling one of their precious relics for cash.

A few years ago, we started looking for an engine to buy, and everyone said ‘It doesn’t work like that. You’ll need to find something to swap.’ And everyone was right, but I couldn’t imagine what we had to swap. But I realised that the Scout design and build experience is actually very valuable, since there aren’t any others around to copy off, and after a little bit of looking around, and useful pointing in the right direction, we found a partner who was happy to oblige.

Please forgive me for being a little coy about who precisely our partner is in this arrangement, but I’d rather keep it confidential until both sides have got what they want out of the arrangement. But I’ve been in touch by phone this week, and everything’s in place for us to receive our engine in plenty of time to make sure we’re airborne in the summer of 2014, and we hope to be meeting up in the first quarter of the New Year to hand over the hardware. We can’t wait! The pressure’s on us to get our side of the bargain sorted out, and that will be at the forefront of my mind over the next few months.

And in return, we should be getting an 80hp le Rhone engine, which should sound something like this…



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