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2 Jan 1914. Friday.


Today Frank started with the cabane struts; the shorter struts that go from the top wing to the fuselage. Their lower ends aren’t tapered (they were in later models) and I can’t quite see how they tie in with the detail of the bottom end shown on sketch 532.

531 Centre Bay Struts 2-1-14

He also did the drawing of the small spars needed for the centre section – the short bit of wing above the fuselage.

533 Centre Cellule Spars 2-1-14534 Top Aileron Operating Lever -- -- 13

I’m including sketch 534 in today’s collection, since it’s in numerical order. But the date is confusing. My copy seems to indicate ?-I-13. Clearly it wasn’t done in Jan 1913, and I think it’s Frank having a bit of brain fade about the year, just like the rest of us! It shows the lever (these days called the horn) to which the cable is attaches that works the aileron. They are nice and easy to make, being made from two pieces of flat steel bent in mirror image and bolted together. For the production version in late 1914, this was changed to a more complex arrangement that required the two halves to be pressed into a sort of crescent-shaped curve and the edges welded up, but this looks pretty good on the face of it.

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