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5 Jan 1914. Monday.


535 Wing Spar Sections in way of Spindling 5-1-14 536 Wing Spars Extent of Spindling 5 1 14

Sketches 535 and 536 show the spindling of the wing spars. Although he went to great lengths to make the spars as deep as possible, it was common practice to hollow out the sides of the spars since that part didn’t add much to the strength. This was done by spindling – a particular form of machining. The drawing looks simple, but Frank had to make sure that he’d left in the parts that were still needed, in the way of the aileron hinges, the compression ribs and so on, and I know that when we came to do this operation on our spars, making sure it was marked out exactly correctly was very nerve-wracking!

537 Bottom Aileron Operating Lever 5-1-14

537 matches 534, but the angles for the bottom aileron lever are different, since the lever sticks out at the bottom of the wing, not the top.

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