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8 Jan 1914. Thursday.


More work on the chassis today. Drawing 542 shows the fitting at the top of the front undercarriage legs where they attach just behind the front engine mount. At the bottom you can see how it has two folds so that it fits on the top of the stanchion, with three bolts going up through the lower fuselage longeron. There are no less than 5 bolts going through the stanchion, which might seem an awful lot, but Frank knew that the jolting they would receive while the aircraft was on the ground would make everything tend to work loose, so he probably got it about right.

541 Front Chassis Stanchion 7-1-14

542 Rear Chassis Stanchion 7-1-14

Drawing 544 shows the crossmember behind the axle. He’s tapered it off to make an aerofoil section, which is likely to reduce the drag from the axle by up to a factor of 10. It may not be obvious, but it’s a critical structural member. There are cables crossing diagonally between the bottom of the fuselage and the brackets at the ends of this member, and the landing loads on this will result in high compression loads on the crossmember. He’s hollowed it out in order to save weight, knowing that doing so will have virtually no effect on its strength.

542 Rear Chassis Stanchion 7-1-14

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