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9 Jan 1914. Friday.


It’s a Friday, and Frank only produced one drawing today. But it’s for the critically important fitting at the bottom of the stanchions. You can see the positions of the front and rear stanchions sketched in, and the crossmember fits on top of the horizontal bracket. The hole in the web at the bottom of the drawing is for the chassis bracing cables and the axle fits in the vee between the stanchions. Lots and lots of bungee elastic is wrapped around the axle and the short 1 1/2in tube sticking out at the bottom to provide the suspension.

545 Assembly of Part of Fitting at Feet of Chassis Struts 9-1-14

This was one of the most complicated metal fittings to make, and the note at the bottom left indicates that there should be a detail drawing of the fitting which shows all the lightening holes and bolt holes, but there doesn’t seem to be one in this sketchbook, and it seems unlikely that there’s one anywhere else, nor does it indicate an XD series drawing number, so I’m not sure where the additional detail necessary was recorded.

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