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6 Jan 1914. Tuesday.


Today was mostly involved with the aileron hinges. I would guess that there manufacturers mass producing suitable standard hinges at the time, but for some reason Frank decided these needed to be made specially – I’m not sure why. They would have been expensive to produce, and the machining would have introduced stress raisers that are far from ideal.

538 Hinge Pins for Rudder and Elevator & Details of Aileron Hinge 6-1-14 539 Fuselage Fore end fittings assy 540 Aileron Hinge Assy

Sketch 539 is of the fuselage front end, and differs very little from the production version. I think it was drawn to show exactly how the lower wings were intended to fit to the fuselage, and was, I suspect, prompted by a question from the shop floor as they started to assemble the fuselage.

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