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13 Jan 1914. Tuesday.


Only one drawing today; this was for the control system. In order to see where this detail fits, I’ve included a sneak preview of the arrangement sketch which you’re not really entitled to see for another couple of days.

558 shows the general arrangement.

558 Arrangement of Controls 15-1-14

The stick (hand control lever) is in the centre, and is pivoted at the bottom. Moving it backwards and forwards moves the two elevator control cables, one running straight back, the other going via a pulley at the front of the rock shaft. It’s an excellent system which is used in many modern aircraft. The bottom of the stick is mounted on the back of the rock shaft, which is mounted in two bearings, and this enables the stick to be moved from side to side as well. Just in front of the pulley is a lever fixed to the rock shaft that moves with the stick, and to which cables are attached that work the ailerons.

552 Control Details Front Bearing Bracket for Rock Shaft 13-1-14

Today’s sketch, 552, shows the bearing for the front of the rock shaft. You can see the extensive use of welding for important structural joints, and it seems odd he didn’t specify welding for the empennage stay tubes yesterday!

There were significant changes in the production C Scout as we shall see, and this fitting was altered accordingly.

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