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19 Jan 1914. Monday.


By now the manufacture of the airframe would have been reasonably well advanced, and one imagines a good deal of pressure on Frank to get the details into the workshop.

Today saw three sketches signed off, all related to the way the aileron cable pulleys were attached inside the wing. The cables run from the warp lever on the rock shaft out through the fuselage side and into the lower wing just behind the front spar. Level with the aileron lever, they turn 90° through a pulley to go back to the aileron. There’s a similar pulley in the top wing.

563 Aileron Cable Pulleys discarded 19-1-14 564 Aileron Control Pulley Anchorage 19-1-14 565 Arrangement of Aileron Control Cable in Wing 19-1-14

563 is an idea that was fully drawn up and then discarded in favour of the arrangement on 564 and 565. The second arrangement is much more substantial, and I think he must have been worried that someone applying maximum force on the end of the stick could wrench it loose. For the Scout C, the mounting was pretty substantially redesigned.

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