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14 Mar 1914. Saturday.


Frank is back working over the weekend again, and today he’s working on an enlarged rudder. I don’t know if this was as a result of feedback from Harry Busteed, or because design rules had already been established for the relationship between wing size and tail surface size. Certainly those rules exist today, and Frank may have been applying those rules to the modification. The new rudder was about 25% larger to match the 25% increase in wing area.

596 Larger Rudder 14 III 1914

596 Larger Rudder 14 III 1914

You will see that there are two sets of dimensions in places, with an asterisk which indicates these are for the ‘modified’ Scouts. The only difference is a 20mm reduction in height, and it would hardly seem likely to have made much practical difference in handling, so it’s not clear which aircraft it was intended to refer to. I’m not aware of any sketchbooks that gave details of modifications applied to the two aircraft provided to the RFC at the outbreak of war in August 1914, for example, and the rudder for the ‘C’ Scouts was the larger dimension of 950mm. 

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