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103. Together again


Monday 12 May

Today was altogether more satisfactory. Theo set off from Dorset with the wings in a trailer, while Rick and I got on with a variety of small jobs on the fuselage – reassembling the undercarriage, putting the engine former back on, and so on until he turned up, and these – thankfully – went a good deal more satisfactorily than the day before.

We’d arranged to escort Theo with his very long trailer through the narrow lanes near the airfield, and I met him on the main road and we made our way regally through the twists and turns of the route.

By now the weather was fine, and we opened the back of the trailer to find the four wings in perfect order.

2014-05-12 Wings in trailer

They were quickly unshipped and we had them rigged on the fuselage within an hour or so.

2014-05-12 Wings rigged

It’s great to see the whole thing assembled again. One forgets how well-proportioned it is, and – although it was regarded as being particularly small and neat in its day – how large it is compared to modern machines.

We rolled it into the back of the hanger and managed to fit our own aircraft in as well, before going home for a well-deserved meal!


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