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106. Camera Fodder


15 May

Through a long trail of contacts, we’d been put in touch with Stephen Saunders, and experienced producer / director of documentaries, and he had expressed an interest in making a documentary about our project, containing, as it does, so many links between the past and the present.

Well, today Stephen and his cameraman Rob arrived in superb weather conditions to try and get enough film for a trailer with which to try and interest the TV channels.

It was an opportunity to try and assemble as many of the pieces as possible. The wings were already attached to the fuselage of course, as were the tail surfaces. But we brought along the template for the petrol tank, and temporarily mounted our collection of WWI instruments onto the instrument panel so that we could get as clear an idea as possible of how the thing would look finally.

All set for its starring role!

All set for its starring role!

And precisely at the same moment as Stephen and Rob, we were joined by Steve Cook and Duncan Armstrong, who had brought along their £25,000 quadcopter, complete with Lumix camera mounted underneath, and two monitors – one for the pilot, one for the cameraman.

And the final element of the mix was my Dad, Ian Bremner, who’s never seen the Scout in the flesh before.

The result was a solid day of film-making, involving interviews with most of us – and particularly Dad, shots of us trying to get in and out of the cockpit, and the quadcopter buzzing overhead as we rolled the Scout out of the hangar (while trying frantically NOT to look at it!)

Who knows what the outcome of this will be, but Stephen has a great track record with this sort of thing and is a lifelong aviation enthusiast, while his cousin Ron is a first-class researcher, who may be able to dig up all sorts of interesting material from the recesses of the Imperial War Museum and elsewhere.

And although she didn’t appear in the film, my wife Sue, who has done so much research and put up with this obsession of ours so very patiently, finally got to look at it as well.

Sue demonstrating how to get into a WWI aircraft in a skirt. Eat your heart out Kate!

Sue demonstrating how to get into a WWI aircraft in a skirt. Eat your heart out Kate!

All in all, a very special day.


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