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107. A Lucky Escape

Mysterious damage to one of the fuselage bracing cables

Mysterious damage to one of the fuselage bracing cables

Yesterday I was checking out the fit of the petrol tank, and in particular the way in which the ply cover fits to the back of it. And in so doing I happened to spot something on the fuselage which stopped me in my tracks. One of the fuselage bracing wires has been severely burnt – sufficient to actually break a couple of strands.

How it’s happened, I simply can’t imagine. It looks most like an electrical short of some sort, but we are completely baffled by how this could have occurred – particularly since the majority of the structure is wood, and so there isn’t an obvious earth path.

Could it have been an accidental contact by a blowtorch or other source of heat? We aren’t aware of any use of heat – not even an angle grinder or something that might have directed the hot sparks in its direction. It’s a mystery, but the thought of so much heat in close proximity to so much flammable material has sent a shiver down my spine, and I’ve put it back in the carcoon as an added protection.


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  1. AlisonG permalink

    Roley says could there have been a vehicle battery or battery operated tool that somehow made contact and shorted out through the wire thus generating the high heat?

    • It must be something of the sort, but we can’t remember any point in the recent past (and it’s so obvious, it must be very recent) when we’ve been using anything that would have caused it. Certainly no-one else has been doing anything near it. I don’t suppose we’ll ever get to the bottom of it. And of course one of the splice joints is direct onto the fuselage fitting, so I’m not quite sure how we’ll get round that. Theo doesn’t want to splice it in situ, and we don’t want to remove the fitting at this stage, I don’t think.

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