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110. All Sorted


The errant cable has been replaced in the blink of an eye.

Over the weekend, I suspended the fuselage from the hangar roof and put ratchet straps round the fuselage where the fitting had to be removed to make sure nothing moved while the fitting was removed. Then all the cables were loosened and undone, and I gently eased the undercarriage leg down enough to free it from its socket.

The fitting came away easily and the fuselage didn’t disintegrate into a pile of pieces on the floor.

2014-06-01 CB fitting removed

I was heading down south anyway, and Theo and I met up on the Monday afternoon so that I could give him the fitting. By Tuesday afternoon it was all done and I picked it up on my way north, and by Wednesday afternoon it was refitted, with the cables all snugged down and wirelocked, wheels back on and the carcoon inflated. Phew!

The next job is to fit the aluminium undershield to the underside of the forward fuselage. It’s a simple rectangle with a couple of cutouts and I think even I can do that without too much drama.

Famous last words…


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  1. Stephen Howard permalink

    The Bristol Aero Collections Trust has just been given a facsimile parts list for the Scout ‘C’ (1915). Would this be of interest?

    • Is this the one owned by Sir George White? If so, we already have it. But if it’s come from the Bristol archives, I’d certainly be interested to make a comparison.

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