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124 It’s Official!


We’ve got far enough down the road to get the aircraft registered with the CAA, and while the piece of paper hasn’t come through yet, they’ve taken our money and Peter Walsh at the relevant CAA department was happy that everything was in order. In fact he got very enthusiastic about it for a civil servant!

It’s a strange fact that aircraft registrations are NEVER re-used, even after the aircraft itself has long since gone to the great scrap-heap in the sky, its registration is only ever used the once. You’d think they would be running out of them by now, but there doesn’t seem to be any danger of that.

You’re allowed to choose your own registration letters if you want to – and provided, of course, that they haven’t been used before. UK registrations are of the form G-XXXX, where the X’s are the letters you can choose. We tried various combinations around the word Scout but weren’t convinced by them. In the end, we chose G-FDHB, which were my grandfather’s initials, andseemed appropriate. In fact, the only place they will appear is on the fireproof plate, but I think it will be nice to remember Granddad’s connection to the aircraft in this way.

Of course, we hope it will be painted in its original colours and markings – or lack of them – and for that we need to ask permission of the RAF, but it seems unlikely they will refuse. After all, it’s unlikely to be confused with a current service aircraft!


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