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136. Post-Rally


There have been a number of consequences of our attendance at the LAA Rally.

The first is the Justin Adams and Lynn Williams have taken an interest in the project. Lynn Williams, as I said, is the designer of the Flitzer biplane series, and is very well-read about aviation history. He’s also a considerable aviation artist, so his input has been very enlightening.

Justin Adams works with Lynn to produce models of the Flitzer range in X-Plane. If you haven’t come across it, X-Plane is a serious flight simulator program which, unlike others, calculates the characteristics of an aircraft from first principles, and is thus a pretty good predictor of how an aircraft will actually behave in the air.

Justin has taken the Scout under his wing and produced the first accurate modelling of the Scout in X-Plane, and says he is absolutely delighted with its performance and handling. I’m hoping to have a go at it shortly. It certainly looks the part!

2014-09-13 X-Plane screenshot

I’ve also had a CD full of images from historian Vic Flintham relating to RNAS pilots J Starke Brown and Horace Buss, who were flying at Imbros. The pictures are mostly ones I haven’t seen before, and although there aren’t any of 1264, they most definitely add to the overall picture of life at Imbros at the time.

And we’ve received the replica Lewis gun. It’s mostly made of wood, but the overall impression is absolutely excellent, and it’s going to look great mounted on the side of the fuselage. It was made by Relics, who specialise in film replicas of weapons, and this certainly fits the bill.

2014-09-13 Lewis Gun 001


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