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139. Bloggle Box


The three of us are back together for a week or two, working on the Scout.

We need to reassemble the whole aircraft in order to finalise the last links in the aileron circuit, and we are planning to get the fabric covering for the rear fuselage cut and sewn ready for doping, though it won’t get actually finished of until we have the petrol tank and side shields in place, and the ply top covered in fabric.

And tomorrow, Thursday, a team from BBC Midlands are planning to make a short news item about the project for their early evening news slot. If you can get BBC Midlands, keep an eye out for it. I’ll take the camera along anyway and try to get some more film – just in case they don’t find room for it.


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  1. andy lloyd permalink

    Hi gents,

    A great project which I have only just found via the keypublishing historic aircraft website, it is really good to know how much interest in early aircraft we have in Shropshire, I have a ground running Napier Lion aircraft engine that I rebuilt, I think your aircraft is a fantastic piece of work.

    Well done.

    Andy Lloyd

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