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141. Talk to Press


It’s very nice to be the centre of attention, but gosh! it takes a long time.

Anyway, we’ve been in famous for five minutes, which is about all anyone is entitled to expect these days.

We are currently on the BBC website which was huge fun to do, and presenter Joanne Writtle managed to get in and out of the cockpit without causing any damage or significant loss of dignity. The final broadcast version was a very good compression of a quart into a half-pint pot!

This went out on the 1830 news, but we’d also done a live broadcast during the 1330 news, as a result of which we had not one but two news agencies after us, with two photographers, one on the Thursday afternoon, the other on the Friday afternoon.

Press photographer Dave who arrived hot on the heels of the BBC.

Press photographer Dave who arrived hot on the heels of the BBC.

The story was picked up by the Daily Mail online  and the Daily Express online, and on Friday afternoon, Rick was interviewed live on the Andrew Easton show on BBC Hereford and Worcester (about 52 minutes in).

And on Saturday it’s appeared in the Daily Express and the Shropshire Star. All of this was set off by an initial article in the Ludlow Ledger, published in early September, and it’s the one which best captures the essence of the whole project.

The piece in the Daily Mail online is a similar length (about under 2000 words) but includes no less than 26 errors – either poor English, poor punctuation or factual errors. The factual errors, having originated with the agency, are repeated elsewhere, but I guess it’s about par for the course, and I don’t think they get in the way of the story. Shame they haven’t put links to the blog, with the honourable exception of the BBC online, whose story is accurate, brief, and grammatically correct!


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