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152. Nearly there


A month ago I made a list of outstanding jobs which went into as much detail as I possibly could. It ran to three pages of closely-packed words, and I sacred everybody with threats that it had to be completed and we mustn’t lose focus.

Since then, Theo’s been up for a day, taken some work back with him and got it all completed. This means that for the first time since 2009 there are no Bristol Scout parts in his house.

And today I actually came home at 1530, since there was nothing more I could do in the short term.

It’s a very strange feeling; for the last five or six years, we’ve been climbing the hill, with no sight of the summit. We’ve said vaguely that we hoped to have it finished by the end of a particular year (2012 was the first one, I note!) Suddenly, we’ve come over a ridge and there is the summit, and the idea that it will be ready to fly in May seems entirely practical. Of course it’s nice, but it’s also a rather unsettling feeling.

Theo has made up the cable connections for the shoulder straps for the modern harness. I’ve cut the slots in the back of the cockpit for them to fit through, and they are now fitted and complete.

2015-02-24 Seat belts


The ply cover is now covered in fabric, and awaiting completion of the petrol tank before it’s finally fitted. I’ve started sewing the leather cockpit surround to the ply cover with copper wire.

Rick and his partner Marian are well on with a protective sock for the propeller, and is ordering a HUGE socket with a torque wrench for bolting the propeller boss to the engine.

He’s also making progress with the instrument panel. It had developed a bit of mould, but it’s all come off with a light sanding, and we’ve got the captive nuts to go on the back.

The next big event is to fill the oil system and see if it leaks, and I’ve got castor oil on order. The tank is about 32lt capacity, but at about £10/lt I’ve only ordered a part tankful!

Of course the most important work is the petrol tank, and Rick and Ian got two days at it last week, some of which was filmed. They’re working on it again on Thursday, and I’m told there’s a possibility it might be finished, though I think that’s a bit optimistic. Nevertheless, it’s certainly getting close.

And then we have to connect up the last bits of petrol piping, and we can take it outside and see if we can start the engine…




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