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157. Covering up


We made the fabric for the fuselage some while ago, but today I’ve been fitting it, using the lacing hooks I attached last week.

We’ve also modified the arrangement at the bottom of the ply cover.

Originally the plan had been to extend the ply to the bottom edge of the top longerons and fasten it to the fuselage frame using little brass screws which passed through the lacing hooks, doing two jobs at once. The downside of this is that if we ever needed to remove the ply cover we’d have to unlace the fabric as well, and that’s something one doesn’t want to do unless it’s absolutely necessary, since it will shrink as soon as the tension is taken off it, and you won’t get it back on again…

The drawing isn’t absolutely clear how the bottom edge was done, but by referring to the parts list, we’ve established there was a separate fabric edge strip, and the photographs clearly show a piece of half round wood as well.

So we made up a strip of fabric with lacing hooks in it, and shortened the ply by about 15mm. The fabric strip is now glued to the fuselage frame, and in fact the lacing hooks have been screwed to the frame as before, while the ply is attached with another second row of screws that go through the half round wood moulding you can see in the picture. The result looks just like the photographs, and is also more easily removable.

2015-04-18 Scout C 1263 or 1264 2 Wing Up with Polly

2015-04-18 Bristol Scout fuselage detail









I then stretched the fabric over and fastened it using the lacing hooks all round, and the result is very satisfactory, as you can see. It seems a little tighter than I’d remembered from before, but should be okay, I think. There are a couple more leather patches to go at the bottom front corners, and the front edge lacing hooks will have to be fixed on, but that’s a job for next week.

2015-04-18 Bristol Scout fuselage cover general


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