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159. Bicester


Today we visited Bicester Heritage on the site of the old RAF airbase in order to assess its suitability for the first flights and the formal rollout ceremony. They were holding one of their regular Sunday Brunch days – mostly around classic cars. And what cars!

I was particularly struck by the row of Triumph Roadsters, since I used to own one,


but there were serried ranks of astonishing machinery to look at, including this one-off teardrop Bristol (only about 10 years old, but built to resemble the classic Talbot Lago).

2015-04-26 Bicester Sunday Brunch Teardrop Bristol

We also met with the organisers of the Flywheel event which will take place on 20/21 June and they agreed that we will have a place of honour on the flightline there, and – fingers crossed – it will be possible to fly it during the event as well.

We weren’t entirely surprised to pump into the delightful Sir George White, either, along with his two Bristol cars (Sir George is the great grandson of the founder of the British and Colonial Aeroplane company that built the Scout, and he found the invaluable parts list in the bottom drawer of his great grandfather’s desk). Sir George has agreed to do the formal ‘unveiling’ ceremony, or crack a bottle of champagne on the propeller boss, or something.

2015-04-26 Bicester Sunday Brunch Sir George White

Also there were Dick Forsythe and Michael Drayton, members to the WWI Aviation Heritage Trust, complete with their magnificent BE2e, and Sue agreed to model for them, despite the chilly wind.

2015-04-26 Bicester Sunday Brunch BE2e and Sue


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