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160. Military Markings


This is probably the last big week when all three of us will be working on the Scout together. Today the plan was to get the first two coats of fabric on the fuselage, and to apply the roundels to the wings.

First job on the fuselage was to finalise the lacing. Rick and Theo provided their usual comments on my efforts, and this required some alterations. Then we sprayed it with water, and as usual it went beautifully taught and wrinkle-free. The carrier arrived with the dope in the nick of time, and we started applying it more or less immediately. And, as before, the fabric goes all wrinkly.

2015-04-27 Bristol Scout fuselage covering

But are we worried? Hell, no. We’re beyond worrying at this stage, and we believe it will all come right in the end…

And while that was going on, we made a start on the military markings we’ve been permitted to use by the Royal Navy.

2015-04-27 Bristol Scout rudder and wing

And tomorrow? More of the same.


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  1. Xan Berasategui permalink

    wonderfull work around the roundel, without any stencil help!
    How did you choose the color shade ? (particulary for the blue)
    congratulations to the three of you!

    • All the experts will tell you there is no way to verify colours. We’ve picked standard colours from the dope manufacturer and found they are the same as used by Shuttleworth and all the others.
      Even the markings vary enormously. 1261 had no wing roundels, 1263 had non-standard ones, and 1264 had them by the book.

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