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167 … and more progress


Suddenly things are starting to move with bewildering speed.

By the weekend we should have all the final bits of aeroplane; cowling, side shields, tacho cable and pitot tube hose, and they should – at least mostly – be attached to the airframe.

On Sunday we take it to Bicester in the trailer, which, please God, will behave itself.

Hangarage at Bicester is sorted; insurance is (more or less) sorted; filming is (more or less) sorted. We’ll need to contact the gliding club when we get there so that they can give instructions on how to get access to the airfield and open the gate for us, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

And on Wednesday, we’ll have not one, but THREE experts coming to inspect the thing before deciding whether anybody will be allowed to fly it. Mike Smartt is our Light Aircraft Association (LAA) inspector and has to sign off the final inspection stages. Francis Donaldson is the LAA’s Chief Engineer and will come as well, partly because it’s such an unusual machine and partly because it’s one of his personal interests. And because neither Mike nor Francis is particularly current on rotary engines, Francis has asked that Jean Munn, Chief Engineer at the Shuttleworth Collection, comes too. So it’s going to be a busy morning on Wednesday. We’ll need to run the engine for them and go through all the checks and inspections we’ve done so far.

But if – and it’s a BIG if – they fail to come up with any show-stopping faults, we might actually have 1264 signed off for first flight by the time Gene gets here.

Wouldn’t that be something!


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  1. Xan Berasategui permalink

    we all hope it will be find, anb we are waiting for Gene!

  2. Best wishes…

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