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169. Dash to the Finishing Post


Tomorrow is the day of the final inspection.

In truth, life is never quite as simple as that, and we already know of half a dozen things that need to be done, and I’ve no doubt – indeed, I very much hope – that the three wise men will add to that list so that we can be as confident as possible that everything is perfect when it finally leaves the ground.

I headed straight for Bicester, and one of the many people who came to admire 1264 immediately pointed out that the rudder cable strainers hadn’t been wire locked. This was something we should have done before covering the fuselage, and it was extremely annoying (though not entirely surprising) to find that we’d missed it. It also means it’s going to require the services of a highly trained midget or a chimpanzee with 6ft arms to sort it out. But never mind, eh?

I fitted the propeller complete with locking plate that Ian and I completed yesterday, and everything there is now ready to go.

2015-05-26 Propeller fixing

Theo then turned up, having come from Dorset via Swansea to pick up our tacho cable, and started to fit it – another job which would have been several orders of magnitude easier before the fuselage fabric was fitted. When he got to the tacho end, he was not a little p***ed off to find that it didn’t fit; the thought that the whole journey, and the need to be on the road at 0600 had been a waste of time did not amuse him.

But we turned our minds to ways in which it might be fixed, and found that the inner was actually quite stretchy, which meant that it was actually a perfect fit after all! Theo connected it up, I swung the propeller, and the needle on the tacho twitched. Very satisfactory.

Meanwhile I was starting work on fitting the rubber tubes to connect up the air speed indicator to the pitot head on the port front wing strut, and you won’t be surprised to learn that once again this is something we would have done better to have finished before the f******* fabric was fitted!

Still, finally it was done, and while it will need a bit of finishing off later on, it will do for tomorrow.

Before leaving, I took some photos – the first with everything in place; propeller, cowlings, side shields, the lot. And felt really satisfied that it looked so like the photos from 100 years ago.

2015-05-26 Scout 1266

2015-05-26 Scout final completion 004


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  1. Ted Timberlake permalink

    I have followed this brilliant blog for quite a while. What an amazing achievement. The very best for the final inspection, and of course for the first flight Good luck. Ted

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