174. Finders Keepers

One job specified before we can go flying is to make and fit these little things.

2015-06-05 Pushrod keepers

It took all day to design, make and fit them, but they were very satisfactory when done.

2015-06-05 Bristol Scout pushrod keepers 004

They fit onto the engine like this, and are an additional safety feature.

What are they for?

Well apparently the pushrods are prone to fatigue cracking at the threaded part you can see here. When that happens, centrifugal force swings them outwards and they trepan their way through the cowling, neatly removing the whole of the front end, which then gets thrown about and causes all sorts of other excitements, depending on how it breaks up and which direction it’s thrown.

You can see the sort of thing here.

These keepers should limit the damage to the single pushrod.



  1. Golly! I wasn’t aware of that 2001 incident with The Vintage Aviator’s Camel. Makes the downwind deadstick landing that I saw at Omaka 2013 look fairly tame!
    It’s great that you are so close to getting test flying underway, best of luck.

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