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176. Waiting…


There’s a strange hush of anticipation on the Bristol Scout front.

The damaged trailer axle has been replaced.

We are waiting for the paperwork to be issued for the first flight, but in between there’s been a good deal of to-ing and fro-ing. I’ve had to buy a Land Rover Discovery to tow the trailer, and the purchase hasn’t been entirely straightforward.  A tyre needed replacing and the engine is surging at intermediate powers, all of which need to be sorted before we can get the trailer with 1264 in it back down to Bicester.

On the advice of Jean Munn, I’ve rechecked the dimensions of the mixture valve and found that it’s exactly as it should be, so we will try it in the air with the current settings before starting to mess about with it too much.

I’m hoping to get the trailer to Bicester early next week so that we can get Dodge Bailey, who might do the first flight, to take a good look at it before the Bicester Flywheel event on 20/21 June. We will be there all weekend, and at about 1230 or 1245 on the Saturday, 1264 will be dedicated by Sir George White, great grandson of the Founder of the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, in a short ceremony in which he will sign the propeller for us.

If you want to see the Scout, make sure you get your tickets in advance, as numbers are limited.

We hope to have copies of the Parts list available for sale too – it’s a fantastic document and will be a perfect memento of the whole project, and signed copies will be available as well. If they are printed on time!




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