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182. … and Thanks from Rick.


Ok, my turn to say a couple of thank you’s.
It’s been a huge privilege to be a part of this project, I’ve felt like I’ve been part of a little bit of history – connecting back with our Grandad’s exciting past while doing what I love – building. And what a delightful thing to have created!  So many people at the events where she’s been on display have expressed their delight at our creation too. And the excitement of flying it is yet to come!
I wouldn’t have missed this project for anything.

So three thank you’s:

– to my partner Marian who,  like Sue has been both patient with my lack of any spare time for jobs at home and in fact positively encouraging me not to miss out on anything Bristol Scout. Brilliant. Thanks Love.

– to David.   Without his tireless energy, enthusiasm and grim determination in the face of countless setbacks the Scout would never have happened. How does he manage to juggle so many balls at once? Chairman of this, Chairman of that, inspector of planes as well as part time at his work, he still finds time to research all the numerous problems we’ve encountered with the plane and find solutions. Then he spends so many days on his own in the hangar when I’m at work and Theo is too far away to help.
And his contacts. He seems to know everyone and finds the right person for everything – from an engine to an airfield to a test pilot.
But he still finds time to keep you lot informed and amused on this blog.
Thanks Bro. You’re a Star!

– and finally. Thanks Grandad for keeping those bits from your war experience. I’ve often wondered why you never mentioned them to us.  Perhaps you stole them without permission and didn’t like to admit it?  We’ll never know. Anyway it was a life changing thing that you did!

The team at Shuttleworth. Theo, Marian, Rick, Sue, David

The team at Shuttleworth. Theo, Marian, Rick, Sue, David


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