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186. … and goes on…


Last Friday was soaking wet. The weekend and the first half of the week was soaking wet.

But Thursday and Friday this week have been absolutely beautiful, but we couldn’t fly the Scout because Dodge Bailey isn’t available.

Next week I’m working more or less all week, and so the next available opportunity is the week beginning 10 August, and we have to hope for some similar weather then. We will be looking to really push on with the test programme – even – if possible – to get it completed, because we are all very, very keen to have a go ourselves.

But amid all the frustration of waiting, there’s been one very encouraging step forward.

I contacted Paschalis Palavouzis, who we first came into contact with a couple of years ago. Paschalis is the historian who’s an expert on WWI aviation in the Greek islands, and when I told him about our first flight and asked him about the exact locations of the two airfields Granddad flew from, he came up with the information. Thasos aerodrome is still open ground, located next to the beach on the north western end of the island. You can see it on Google earth here. In the centre you can see a short gravel strip used by the local microlight club, with whom Paschalis has contacts.

I explained that we’d need around a 500m square of smooth area to fly from, and Paschalis is absolutely determined to clear an area to allow us to fly from Thasos aerodrome once again. it’s a huge step forward in trying to recreate Granddad’s flying, and has got us all spurred on to get the flight testing complete and start organising the trip to Greece!


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