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190. Shuttleworth


After Stow Maries, we towed the trailer to Shuttleworth, because we wanted to get their ideas on (a) how to seal the engine compartment to keep that oil off the fuselage side, and (b) to set up the plugs to give reliable running.

In between, we’ve all had to do some work and keep in touch with our families, but the plan this week is to do this work tomorrow (Wednesday)  and then tow the trailer to Sywell on Thursday in time for the LAA Rally.

But as so often in this blog, it’s the trailer and tow vehicle that steal the limelight. We headed off for Gloucester so that I could do an annual inspection on a microlight, and while I was doing that, Rick took the Discovery to a local LandRover place to find out why the yellow warning light was on warning about the suspension. They confirmed that it would be the compressor that powers the air suspension – it’s a known item that needs regular replacement, and so with their diagnosis we set off for Shuttleworth.

The car generally behaved okay, although it’s hard work to drive when it’s wallowing along on very soft suspension with none of the fancy control systems working, and on the way there we phoned a local garage in Biggleswade who confirmed they should be able to do the work.

We called in there to book the car in, and they said they wouldn’t need it until the morning, giving us just enough time to pop into Shuttleworth and drop all the tools off befre they shut up shop for the day.

Then tomorrow morning we’ll deliver the car to the garage, they’ll give us a lift back to Shuttleworth, we’ll solve the oil problem on the Scout and set the plugs up right, fix the map holder in place and clean off all the old oil ready for the Rally and so on. The only problem is, what will we do with ourselves in the afternoon?


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