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 191. Discovery


Reading the last blog entry from a week ago, it’s amazing how out of date it is.

Car first.

Having made the journey from Gloucester to Old Warden in what felt at times like a roller coaster, we delivered the car to ASG in Biggleswade, who promised to have the suspension compressor fixed for us in time for our departure for Sywell and the LAA Rally. They also undertook to sort out the slow puncture in the rear tyre. Half way through the afternoon I got a phone call from them to say that they’d received the compressor, but that it was an updated type, and would need a software update – and they wouldn’t be able to get the software from LandRover until October. I started ringing round local LandRover agents in the faint hope that someone would be able to take it on, but the earliest they could manage it was 21 September. Then ASG rang again to say that the problem with the tyre was that the tread was coming bodily away from the canvas, and that we’d need new tyres on both rear wheels – in fact they were astonished that we’d made it thus far!

By now I was in a fit of gloom, as I couldn’t see how we were going to make it to the LAA Rally. In desparation I rang Steve Slater, the new CEO of the LAA, and he, bless him, put me in touch with Alan Turney, another vintage aircraft restorer, who promised to turn up the following morning at 0830 in his Mitsubishi L200, and tow it to Sywell.

In the end, he turned up at 0825, having even had the forethought to get himself a spare numberplate to go on the trailer. What a nice man! He rang about an hour later to say that it was safely delivered, and shortly after that the Discovery appeared with two new tyres and a still-ailing compressor in which I followed Alan to Sywell.

I’ll talk about the LAA Rally and so on in another blog, but on the Sunday afternoon we packed the aircraft back into the trailer and left it in the car park for Alan to tow back to Bicester. He’s a star.

I’d had the Discovery booked in to our local LandRover agent this morning (Monday) and had already warned them about the compressor, and the possibility that the uneven tyre wear on the rear tyres had been caused by worn suspension bushes, and it’s with them now while I sort out another mortgage to pay for it. But they did highlight one hidden blessing in all of this. Apparently there’s a recall out for removable towhitches. We went to look at ours, and it’s virtually falling out, so perhaps the compressor fault was some sort of blessing in disguise. They’ll sort out the towball at LandRover’s expense, of course.


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  1. Never mind the car woes, how are you progressing with oil and the engine? Is the oil loss after its been through where its supposed to go or before (latter rather worrying?) What did you find out about oil seals? If the oil is being pumped out through that seal instead of going where its supposed to go isn’t that a serious concern? What did you learn about the engine etc at Shuttleworth? You left as rather hanging back in 187 about lip seals

  2. Alan Turney permalink

    Nice trip back to Bicester today.

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