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197. Made It!


Today has seen a number of things fall into place. Undoubtedly the most exciting is this document.

FDHB PFT001It may not look too much, but for us this is the final document which allows us to fly 1264 – and in the short term, it allows Dodge Bailey to fly it at the Shuttleworth Display on Sunday.

I’m not quite sure how unique this document is; currently I believe ours is the only rotary-engined aircraft being operated by amateurs, and it must have taken a good deal of courage on the part of the LAA’s Chief Engineer, Francis Donaldson, to recommend its issue by the CAA.

After all, the Permit allows 1264 to be flown by any qualified pilot. Currently, of course, it’s owned and will be operated by three pilots who have reasonable experience on aircraft of similar weight and performance, but very different handling characteristics. But if we should sell 1264 on, it could be flown by anybody, and the LAA could be held responsible if they might be seen as not having taken sufficient precautions.

So hats off to Francis, and we’ll do our best to live up to his faith in us!

And everybody has put the pedal to the metal on this one. The CAA has a reputation for Civil Service-type responses, but they have fast-tracked the approval and liaised closely with the LAA to ensure it has been issued on time.

I found myself getting quite emotional on its receipt – it’s only a piece of paper, after all. But it’s THE piece of paper. It’s the one that officially acknowledges that we have the only airworthy Bristol Scout in the world, and that feels really rather special.

So – everything is looking good for 1264’s first public display on Sunday at the Shuttleworth Collection. Even the weather forecast is looking promising, though one can never tell until the day – and the hour – whether the weather will behave.

Fingers crossed, and please come and say hello if you’re there, but don’t just turn up; the event is a sellout owing to the final appearance – ever – of the mighty Vulcan…



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  1. Congratulations! Was going to come over to the show but when I looked the tickets were for society members only. Looking forward to the documentary. Amazing project and show of perseverance and well deserved success. You’ve recreated not just a physical piece of your family history but an important link with UK aviation’s glorious past.

  2. I think the centenary year for the Gallipoli campaign adds a touch of spice. Bristol Scouts flew 100 years ago to the day over the front lines by 2 Sqn RNAS – then labelled 2 Wing with the appointment of Sykes as senior airman.

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