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201. What Now?


I must admit to having had something of an emotional meltdown after the high of last week. We achieved a 13 year dream, and it’s inevitable that one feels a bit odd when you finally go through the door to the other side.

But we have plenty to do.

The cowling has been removed to have the bottom opened up in line with what probably happened to 1264. I’ve actually been sent a couple of other pictures of 1264 by author Philip Jarrett that we’ve never seen before, but neither is helpful in identifying the exact shape of the lower cowling, so we’re basing our decision on the photo of 1259 or 1263 which definitely shows a full cutout and assuming all the 2 Wing Scouts of that batch were treated the same.

we’ve also come up with some ideas about a better seal between cowling and firewall, and we’re going to apply sealant to one or two other areas around the firewall that are letting oil inside the fuselage.

Im also keen to try and devise a lip along the bottom of the firewall that will encourage the oil to drip off from there clear of the airframe, instead of working its way back along the aluminium on the bottom of the forward fuselage.

And guess what turned up in the post on Thursday?

2015-10-11 17.35.13 (800x594)No, nothing medicinal, for use with castor oil. It’s a priming syringe for dosing the engine with petrol, so there!

Work intervenes for a couple of weeks, but we hope to be back in the air before the end of October and the clocks go back.


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  1. Blimey! The Le Rhone sounds just like a Pobjoy radial, euphoria that it ran nicely as it dragged me round the sky and got me back to Terra Firma safely, then the head scratching as the “to do” list got longer.
    Never mind, it started, you flew it and didn’t bend it, marvellous!

  2. Wouldn’t the cowling cutout have been pretty much the same as on other le Rhône fitted aircraft the mechanics were familiar with? Would that be a guide? Exhaust characteristics wouldn’t have changed much with the different engine installations in different planes would they, so isn’t it pretty good odds they would have gone for a known good solution?

    Enjoying the photos, congratulations. Lets hope you enjoy flying her as much as building her.

    • What’s not to enjoy? We’re among the most privileged of pilots to get to fly such machinery. And yes, we have a good photograph of an aircraft of the same batch and at Imbros at the same time to give us ample guidance. we also have drawings of later cowlings that incorporated this change, so it’s not difficult to implement – it’s just a question of historical accuracy on 1264 herself.

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