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206. Miniature perfection


I have been in touch with Xan Berasatui in France who has been building a 1/48th scale model of 1264 based on the information we’ve been able to supply. It’s now finished, and I can’t express how astonishingly perfect his model is, so I hope Xan won’t mind my copying the pictures from his forum because you simply have to see them.
2015-11-24 Xan Beraseteguia
2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui9IMG_0030 (800x534)
2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui8
2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui7 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui5 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui6 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui4 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui3 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui2 2015-11-24 Xan Berasetegui1

The way in which he’s captured the translucency of the wings on a plastic model is pure artistry.

And here’s a part-completed uncovered fuselage
built from scratch as well. Words can’t express my admiration and gratitude.

Xan’s post on the modellers forum is here and you may wish to join the forum in order to add your own comments.

Thank you, Xan!

2015-11-24 Xan Beraseteguib


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One Comment
  1. Xan Berasategui permalink

    It’s really an honor for me to see those pics in this blog. Your work have been fantastic.
    Long live to the 1264!

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