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2 December 1915. Dover.


In the intervening days, Bunnie made four more flights in Avro 504Bs, which put our treatment of WWI aircraft into perspective. Today, they would all be firmly in the hangar once the wind exceeded 10kts, but Bunnie was flying in force 4 – 5 winds, between 13 – 19kts – and with less than 30 hours flying.

On the morning of 25 November it was ‘Very bumpy near the ground. Did not allow enough for wind coming down and landed in rather rough part of aerodrome.’ He tried again at midday and had the same problem.

The following morning it was ‘Blowing very hard and very gusty indeed, especially near the ground. First two landings did not allow enough for the wind, third landing quite good. Was blown over on left wing in taxiing back. No damage.’

ON 2 December he had his final flight, after which the wing packed up and set off for Imbros.

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