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208. Telford


We were booked to appear  at the Flyer Live! show at the Telford International Centre on 28/29 November, which meant trailing it to Telford and rigging it on Friday 27th. I had been due to attend a conference in Brussels on the Tuesday and Wednesday, but this was cancelled due to the security alert following the atrocities in Paris. As a result, I was free to seek out and put a deposit on the Hilux in Wolverhampton. It wasn’t possible to take immediate delivery because it was going to take a while to free up the money from my savings account, but the LandRover agent had promised that it would be repaired in time.

On the Wednesday, Theo arrived with modified cowling and touched-up propeller for us to fit.

You may remember that our first solution to the problem of oil contamination on the fuselage side was a strip of rubber attached to the firewall and contacting the cowling. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, it had absolutely no effect whatever, so we’d decided to use a felt seal instead, and the plan was to glue a strip or strips of 6mm thick felt to the cowling which would either be squashed between the cowling and the edge of the firewall, or press up against the front face of it.

When we actually got everything in place, the first idea wasn’t really practical because of the lack of overlap, so we fixed a double thickness of felt such that it would – we hoped – be squashed against the firewall when the cowling was offered into place.

On Thursday morning, with the glue set, we tried it and the system worked, though it’s not easy, since you have to compress the felt by pulling the cowling into place – and the cowling is fairly delicate and very expensive!

With the propeller back in place, I rang the LandRover to see when the Discovery would be fixed. Well, they said, it’s not actually in the workshop yet…

I rang the Hilux dealer to see if they could let me have it before I could give them the full payment, but the chap was out all day and uncontactable.

And then began an afternoon of the most tense waiting I can remember. Every few minutes, I’d be ringing one or other place, with no definite outcome.

In the end, the LandRover agent gave me a ring at 1700, and I picked up the Discovery at 1730, to my intense relief.

On Friday we towed the trailer up to Telford, rigged the Scout, and we had a really great weekend, in among a huge array of all sorts of light and sport aircraft. Many people told us we were the highlight of the show, and we were kept on our feet all day on both Saturday and Sunday talking to people and answering their questions.

2015-11-29 Telford Show

1264 at the Telford show. Notice the cutaway outline at the bottom of the cowl, which should encourage the oil to be thrown further from the aircraft.

And we hardly left a trace of oil on the floor afterwards!

Before running the engine, we will add some more felt to the seal in a final all-out effort to try and keep the fuselage sides clean (or at least no dirtier!).


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