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210. Two steps forward


Despite the unremittingly wet and windy weather, there have been two very bright spots today.

The first is that my daughter has come to stay for Christmas from York, together with her husband John and three-year-old Lexie. Lexie, of course, would bring sunshine to anyone’s life, but John brought with him this wonderful 1/72 scale model of 1264 for us. 2015-12-22 2015-12-22 Bristol Scout 1-48 model by John Hughes and Lexie 013 (800x533)

2015-12-22 2015-12-22 Bristol Scout 1-48 model by John Hughes and Lexie 004 (800x533)

2015-12-22 2015-12-22 Bristol Scout 1-48 model by John Hughes and Lexie 001 (800x533)

I’m so chuffed with this – it sits in state on the top of the corner cupboard with all my most prized possessions. You will note that the gun is on the correct side, and the serial number is absolutely immaculate.


This afternoon I fitted the Al-Ko anti-sway towhitch to the trailer, which was complicated by the fact that the coupling head was 2in diameter instead of 50mm, requiring some judicous use of emery to get the hitch to fit on. that done, however, it was absolutely solid and felt right. I then had to take the paint off the towball to get it back to dry bare metal. And after that it had to go for a road test.

And this was a complete revelation. The trailer was absolutely rock solid, despite heavy rain, very strong winds and a pretty bumpy road. despite this, i felt absolutely comfortable with it at 50mph, which is as much as we are likely to need. Compared to the Discovery, the whole experience was utterly relaxing and gave me total confidence in the combination. Wonderful!

As I drove back to the airfield, I didn’t know if this was due to the tow vehicle or the Al-Ko hitch, but even that was answered shortly after. When I came to disconnect, I found I hadn’t actually engaged the friction pads correctly, so the benefits are entirely down to the Hilux, and the Al-Ko hitch will only serve to make things even safer.

It’s been a very happy birthday for me.


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  1. Dee permalink

    Belated Birthday Wishes from D at Ivy Hatch. Fascinated to read such a detailed account re the Bremner family, and your passion for aviation history.

    • Well, thank you very much! How is Orchard Ivy Hatch, and Orchard Cottage in particular? I passed through a couple of years ago and it seemed in pretty good shape on the whole.
      I’m so very lucky to be surrounded by those who share my passion / obsession…

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