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24 Jan 1916. Imbros.


Today was Bunnie’s first flight in 1264. It was another 90 minute flight during which he reached 10,500ft, though he says there were clouds between 6000ft and 10,000ft, and he mostly flew below them.

2016-01-25 Scout C 1264 prob Thasos June 1916 per FDHB

1264 running up before takeoff at Imbros. The photo was either taken by Bunnie, or it’s him in the cockpit.

It was a strong northerly wind and very bumpy, particularly over the coast from north west of Krithia down to the southern tip of the peninsula at Helles. He had to use full rudder and aileron to maintain control – which sounds distinctly scary to me! Remember, this is only his fourth flight in the Scout, and to reach the limits of control must have seemed like pushing one’s luck. He says he approached at 70 knots – which seems very fast – and landed slowly but bounced rather badly, but there was no spin.

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