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217. End of a Chapter


It’s only eight months ago I bought a Land Rover Discovery to tow the Scout trailer, after my lovely Octavia estate proved to be too light.

The Disco has a reputation as the best tow vehicle in the world.

Since then, it’s had to have replaced:

  • transfer box,
  • prop shaft,
  • two tyres,
  • rear brake shoes & discs
  • front brake shoes, discs & calipers,
  • one front wheel bearing,
  • suspension bushes,
  • suspension compressor,
  • two front suspension units complete,
  • drive shaft boot,
  • LP fuel pump,
  • towhitch and crossmember,
  • and the sunroof drip tray drains have had to be cleared.

But above all, I never felt happy towing the trailer at speeds above 45mph.

Its replacement, a Hilux which has a reputation for being a bit light at the back end, tows it on rails. I felt utterly confident towing at 52mph for a couple of hundred miles in all conditions.

And it’s all been unplanned expenditure. essentially it amounts to almost half of what I’ve put into the Scout, and – unlike the investment in the Scout – I’ll see very little of it back.

But today a nice man came and took the Disco away and I’ll never have to look at it again, and while the Hilux may be an expensive luxury, at least I have complete confidence in it.



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  1. Steven Jefferson permalink

    What model disco was it?

  2. Pete Rose permalink

    TopGear and the Taliban can’t be wrong Dave!

  3. It was a 3; 05 plate.

    • Steven Jefferson permalink

      Sounds as if the thing had had a thrashing. I\’ve been checking out Land Rover\’s myself but the new Disco Sport. From what I\’ve read I think the 3\’s has had the worst reputation for issues all of which you listed, Might not have been maintained too well and an earlyish model before the faults got ironed out.

  4. What do you mean with “a man took the disco away”? Did you sell it? Or he just… took it?
    Anyway, I don’t think Land Rover is the best thing for towing but I’m not an expert. And surely I haven’t to tow an aeroplane!
    (So I wish…)

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