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14 Feb 1916. Imbros


Escorting M.F. over Helles. Strong N. Wind but beautiful flying day. Too many clouds about for photography. Saw one archie burst, I think it must have been meant for the M.F. but I had lost her for a few minutes just then. I always slip out in right handed turns with 1259 but I don’t with 1264. Very queer! Why is it that a N. Wind is always better for flying than a S. Wind. It is usually just as bumpy near the ground, but in every other way it is much better.

Clearly a better flying day for Bunnie today, in 1259 instead of 1264. It’s not surprising that the two machines handled differently. Even today, you will find that two different machines, apparently identical, will handle distinctly differently.

As for the difference in character of the two winds, there could be a number of different reasons for this, and it would take an expert in local weather conditions to fathom out why. It’s one of the things that I find eternally engaging about aviation, is that there is still so much to be learned.

And Dickinson?

13th. Up at 6.00am. Fire in cook’s galley. Outed it. Windy. Bad diarrhoea all day.

14th. Still unwell. Parade at 8.00am to hear new warning signals explained by SP (Fl Lt Smyth-Piggott). Two submarines actually reported at 11.00am. General panic. Hockey match versus HMS Russell. Lost 3-2. Improving.

Perhaps these were the submarines Bunnie was looking for a couple of days previously.


  1. And Dickinson was having some small troubles… 😮
    LOL I didn’t expect that in the diary.

  2. Now I read it again… what a special dude that Dickinson, put together a hockey match, his health issues and the submarines as if everything were ingredients of the same joyride…

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