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16 Feb 1916. Imbros


Two flights today for Bunnie. The first took an hour and a quarter.

Escorting B.E. on submarine patrol round Helles. I was sent off with insufficient details as to movements of B.E. and never saw her after I left the ground. Saw what I imagined to be Bolas’ Voisin in Gully Ravine and dived down to examine it, but saw that I was mistaken. Saw the machine further inland, but the wind got under my goggles and made my eyes water and I overshot it before I could examine it (2000 ft). I think it was upside down.

Flt Sub Lt J H Bolas, with his observer Mid D M Branson, were shot down in their Voisin in the middle of January. In fact, although Bunnie doesn’t mention it in his logbook, his first month at Imbros must have been a worrying time. Flt Cdr Busk had been lost on the 6th, Flt Sub Lt Black had been killed in an accident at the airfield, and Flt Sub Lt Brimstead Lt Boles had been brought down and killed by enemy aircraft. In fact, as H A Jones points out in vol 2 of ‘The War in the Air; being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by the royal Air Force’, the coincidence of the initial B must have given Bunnie Bremner some cause for concern if he was in any way superstitious!

As for getting the wind under his goggles, this too is something we’ve experienced; Rick had it happen and found he really couldn’t see anything at all, the windrush was so extreme.

Then later:

Evening reconnaissance of straits. Very careless landing machine and landed far too fast (no wind). Thought I would probably tip up over edge, and remembered that I had four bombs so switched on and went off again. Second landing better but not good enough. I suppose I must have been careless and did not make enough allowance for the absence of wind.

It sounds as if Bunnie came close to adding another B to the doleful list of casualties at Imbros in 1916.

Mean while Dickinson was having a less good time.

15th .Decided to go sick and have done with it. Castor oiled and put to bed. CO and Scarlett looked in during evening.

16th. Better. up by 10. Soccer match versus A Flight. Lost 3-1. Healths to Littleton and Smiley leaving. Drunk, sick and ashamed. Not again.

Nuff said!

  1. I didn’t understand… what was upside down? the BE, the submarine, something else?
    Dickinson seems to be permanently sick… well, isn’t surprising the poor guy feels bad and they give him castor oil… a treatment to kill anyone. :-/

  2. it was Bolas’ Voisin aircraft after he’d been shot down

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