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225. Where’s the Media?


There’s an interesting piece in the Global Aviation Resource website bemoaning the lack of media coverage of WWI Aviation – something with which we heartily agree.

As you know, Stephen Saunders – a BAFTA-nominated producer has been working on a TV film about our project for the last couple of years. If – when – we take it to Greece, it will be the biggest WWI Aviation history story of the year, and everyone I speak to is blown away by the idea.

IMG_9977 (800x533)

But can Stephen get any interest from the TV companies? No. Total apathy.

I have much of a book written about the project which I have been hawking around book publishers – including the specialist history publishers who might be expected to value something that is not only of historical significance, but connects with people at a personal level.

But can I get any interest from the publishers? No. Total apathy.

Yet yesterday I gave a talk to the Aviation Enthusiast’s Group in Biggleswade, but the same thing happens wherever we go, members of the public are captivated by the story at one level or another; the personal story of my Grandad, the experimentation with aviation in warfare, the importance of the Bristol scout in that process, the experience of flying it, and so on.

What’s the matter with the media? Do they think that their entire audience consists of mindless East Ender addicts?


Meanwhile, I urgently need to get need time in the Scout to get fully familiar with her flying characteristics. I need a day of fine, calm weather to do it, but the whole of the next week seems is forecast to be windy and wet.



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  1. CURTIS, Duncan permalink

    Whilst I can’t comment about the TV companies (but I’m not surprised), there are still some good publishers out there: I can only suggest you keep on plugging with that one because I would certainly buy a book on this fantastic project!

    Not strictly aviation-related, but this lot (below) have done some really nice, detailed books on naval subjects, and their ‘Big Gun Monitors’ book (which I’d recommend) has quite a lot of detail about Gallipoli etc, so already a bit of a link. Maybe they’d be prepared to do this as a navy-related subject?

    Worth a go I hope.


    Duncan Curtis

    • Thanks. I’m not sure I have time to chase this up now. I’ve been very disappointed with the response from all three publishers who’ve either ignored me, or asked how many copies I could guarantee to sell, or simply siad it wasn’t for them. No-one has actually acted as a publisher.

  2. Steven Jefferson permalink

    They’ve forgotten about because its a story of a man who “did his bit” and came home, not without risk I say. No controversy though. Wait for the coverage on 1 July. Yet the Somme was the beginning of the breaking of the German Army along with Verdun. It will be coverage with all the negatives, and none of the positives with more vilification of Haig and his commanders for an offensive Haig knew they weren’t ready for but had to carry out at that time. I wish you luck and fair winds soon!

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