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228. It’s all Greek to me…


For those of you who aren’t fluent Greek speakers, Paschalis Palavouzis has provided a rough transcription of the video clip below, aired on Greek TV.

Apologies for my late report but, during the last week, I have been highly occupied with certain aspects of the Defence Minister’s visit on Thasos. Repaying the visit of the Mayor of Thasos to the Greek Ministry of Defence in mid February, he flew to the island in an Army Huey helicopter last Wednesday to make an “in situ” inspection of the area where the landing ground is to be prepared for the historic flight. 
I was asked to be there to provide all the necessary information and talk about the historical background, the requirements to be met, etc and also to discuss important issues about the Kavala Air Sea Show. So, there I was; I took a day off from work and … eventually had a successful discussion with the Defence Minister. He promised on camera that the Greek Army Engineers will help level the ground and also provide a hangar for the Scout. Also he (and the Mayor) put much emphasis on the significance of the whole event not only from the local perspective (benefits for tourism) but, also, from a geo-strategic aspect (allied nations reuniting)…
Anyway, I feel that we moved a step forward and we now have a trustworthy supporter for our project and, of course, the Kavala Air Sea Show.
I ‘ll keep you informed. Ah, by the way, on last Friday I was asked to discuss the details of the project and also comment on the Minister’s visit to Thasos on a popular live radio program. That was also successful!’
Bottom line – it’s all happening, and woe betide anyone who bends 1264 before we go…

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