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230. The Plane’s the Star!


As you know, BAFTA-nominated film producer Stephen Saunders is making a film of the project, and he’s produced this trailer which gives you some idea of the quality of the work he’s doing. This spring and summer will see the climax of the filming, and all he needs now is a television channel to buy it. They are strangely reluctant, but if you can share this video with as many people as possible, it might encourage them to get off their backsides and purchase it.



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  1. Andrew Willox permalink

    I sent the previous missive called Where’s the Media? to the Australian channel SBS who are the only channel to have broadcast anything on WW1 aviation in this country. If you haven’t heard back from them then that’s all can do I think from this end…

    Andrew Willox PO Box 46 Rokewood 3330 5346 1493

  2. I believe Stephen is confident he can get it broadcast in Australia. It’s the UK that seems to be very slow to take up the idea – but thanks very much for your efforts – they are very much appreciated.

  3. Yes, for instance Plane Resurrection is currently showing on Foxtel in AU, and Sky (History Channel) in NZ.

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