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232. 30 March 2016. Peter Hart


We had an exciting day yesterday.

Theo and I set off early to get to Bicester where we rolled out the Scout to act as a backdrop of an interview with Peter Hart, the historian. As with Sir George White last week, producer Stephen Saunders asked the questions from behind the camera. Peter gave excellent, fluent answers about the origins of the Gallipoli campaign, the conditions that No. 2 Wing served under, and the importance of the Bristol Scout to aviation history. He was very complimentary about our project both on camera and off, and it will make a great contribution to the film.

P1070397 P1070398 P1070399

After he’d finished, we rolled 1264 outside because we wanted to check the engine performance, and got Peter to hang onto the tail while we ran the engine up. He seemed very made up by that, and I don’t think we absolutely covered him with castor oil!

After they’d gone we fitted a brilliant instrument called a Tinytach to the engine to give a visual check on the original Jaeger tachometer. and in the last of the daylight the wind died back and we rolled her out in time for one flight, which I used to check the engine performance in the air using the Tinytach, and also to get some more time doing steep turns so that I was fully comfortable with them before starting on the Shuttleworth practice week. Once again, 1264’s handling was delightful, and even in steeply banked turns where I could start to feel the effect of precession forces pushing the nose down in right turns and up in left turns, there was no question of any uncertainty in handling. There was always plenty of control movement in hand, and there were no unexpected responses that might catch me out at low level.

The landing was unacceptably clumsy, but there appeared to be no ill-effects, and once Theo’s had a bit more familiarisation, it will be time to get her packed up for the first public appearance of the season at Stow Maries.


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