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1 May 1916.


29 April.

Bunnie in Bristol Scout 3040.

Practice flight on new type of Bristol. Le Rhône engine fitted here in place of Gnôme. Larger and non lifting tail, greater dihedral than 1264 (5° instead of 1 1/2°). Much more stable and less nose heavy, but I don’t think she is as fast or as quick on controls as 1264 used to be. Climbed from 1000 to 1900 ft in one min at about 50 knots. Landing would have been good but I hit a bump in the ground and bounced a little.

This batch of Scouts were still Type C, but had been modified as Bunnie says. They also seem to have had a slightly raised ply cover for the forward fuselage, and some had a deflector shield under the forward fuselage. Three (3036, 3037 and 3040) were sent to Imbros around this time. The climb rate he quotes is very much in line with the official figures, and more than twice as good as ours. I wish I knew why! The le Rhône engine was more powerful than the Gnôme engine fitted to the first batch, and I suspect it may have been one of the spare engines for these new ones that Bunnie had purloined for 1264.

Bristol Scout at Thasos

Bristol Scout 3036 at Thasos. the ply in front of the cockpit seems to ahve a slightly raised profile, presumably to provide more shelter for the pilot, and there’s a deflector shield underneath – presumably to try and reduce the amount of oil going onto the rear fuselage fabric.


More rain last night. Up several times between 4 and 7. Finally up about 1100am. Fine and warm. Excellent game of rounders versus Petty officers; ont finished. Shirked dinner; boiled myself two eggs; had a bath; began Wilhelm tell and went early to bed.

30 April.


A most exciting day. Practice for a big raid at 1100am. Long and most interesting talk with Mitchell during afternoon and had tea with him and Halliwell. Continued game of rounders afgter tea. Got a signal saying that Smyth Piggott, Savory and self had been given the Croix de Guerre. Most exciting, although S.P. says we have got to go and be kissed by Sarrail at Salonika!

1 May.

Bunnie in 3040.

Hun appeared early morning and I went off in pyjamas and leather gear to chase him. I lost him in the sun before starting out. He was going for Chanak. I made straight there. Nothing doing at seaplane shed and no signs at Chanak aerodrome. I then went to Galata and got there just in time to see him land. Fitz, who started off a little before me saw him most of the way, and he took much the same route as I did. No wind at all. Made good landing.


Woken just before six by a lot of people talking in front of my cabin and went out to find a Hun flying towards the aerodrome. He turned over harbour and dropped his bombs at Kephalo Point, but I think it was a reconnaissance. After a bit Fitzherbert went off in his pyjamas and Bremner followed. Both very cold, saw Hun land at Galata.

He also reports the loss of Kut-al-Amara (a British garrison besieged near Baghdad) and HMS Russell, a battleship whose men he knew, and which had hit a mine off Malta and sank.

Bunnie in Nieuport 12, s/no 8903.

First practice in Nieuport Gun bus. Not a bad machine, but not a patch on a Bristol. Rather tricky on steep turns. Very slight S. Wind. Landing slow and quite fair but I pancaked a bit. I was wearing green glasses, I think they rather tend that way. No engine used in landing.

Went up again to try another landing wearing white glasses. Landing would have been excellent but I hit a ridge and bounced a little. No engine used on landing.

The mention of these goggles is something of a mystery. I suppose they may have been used to improve one’s perception of the ground in order to assist judgement of the landing flare, but I’ve been unable to find out any details.

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